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Thermat-Intensivreiniger 836 Kanister, Inhalt 30 Kg

Thermat-Intensivreiniger 836 Kanister, Inhalt 30 Kg

Thermat-Intensiv cleaner 836,
30 Kg canister.
Sales price 92,53 €

Thermat  Intensiv Cleaner 836 , 30 kg canister.


Without phosphate, for use with or without the pressure washer.
This product was mainly developed to clean workshop floors,
trucks and cars (pre-spraying).
Thermat is the universal-cleaner for business- as well as hobby-use.
It's power produces always perplexing results..
We use Thermat 836 in our workshop since many years
to our full satisfaction about the cleaning result.
You'll be excited of Thermat-Intensiv-Cleaner.

Thermat-Intensivreiniger ist nicht kennzeichnungspflichtig und EDTA frei.

Thermat 836 can be diluted strong, so it's really economical.

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