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High quality tools for car body repair.

Selected HQ tools, made in Germany.
Aluminum hammers, snipes, chisels and more.
Perfect for car body repair or restoration.
We use these products in our master-workshop every day,
for example to manufacture our sheet metal parts for the Carrera engines.

We will fill up the shop within the next week!


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High quality tools for car body repair

STAHLWILLE Ausbeuleisen, Löffeleisen

STAHLWILLE Ausbeuleisen, Ausbeullöffel.

Sales price: 52,96 €

Product details

Stahlwille Ausbeul-Handfaust Diabolo-Form Nr.10842

STAHLWILLE Ausbeul-Handfaust, rund,...

Sales price: 35,70 €

Product details

Stahlwille Ausbeul-Handfaust Nr.10835

STAHLWILLE Ausbeul-Handfaust, Kommaform.

Sales price: 48,95 €

Product details

Stahlwille Ausbeul- Handfaust


Sales price: 35,70 €

Product details

Stahlwille Spann- und Schlichthammer

STAHLWILLE Spann- und Schlichthammer.

Sales price: 29,80 €

Product details

Stahlwille Schlicht- und Treibhammer

Schlicht-und Treibhammer mit...

Sales price: 35,51 €

Product details

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